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    David Tsurusaki

    Construction Contractor License #IR808696

    BS Construction Management - Illinois State University

    After many years of working for a large Fortune 100 Corporation and traveling almost every week around the globe, I have shifted my time and focus to something I have enjoyed doing since I was a child -- from fixing anything that had a motor or power cord to building a birdhouse with my Grandfather or remodeling projects around my house and rental properties.


    Following many requests to help friends & family repair or remodel their homes (and a lot of investment in tools & equipment), I decided to start offering services to a wider range of customers. I have a philosophy of repairing, refinishing and repurposing materials as much as possible. I offer a variety of home improvement services that are customized to each individual project. I pride myself on the quality of my work, cost efficiency, as well as my commitment to outstanding results.



    "Sevensakis" stems from my family's nickname. I have 5 daughters, making us a family of 7. That, plus the latter part of our last name, Tsurusaki, made us widely known as the "7 Sakis."


    "Call my dad, he can do it" is a frequent phrase uttered to friends, coworkers, & aquaintances by my five daughters, who've come to trust my ability to repair, install, build, and remodel.

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